P!nk soup - cold beetroot soup

Ok this soup isn't related with singer Pink. We actually call it saltibarsciai, which means cold beetroot soup and it doesn't sound tasty. So some Erasmus students named it pink soup and now, when needed to present this soup to foreigners, I always say that I'm going to cook pink soup. Sounds tastier ;)
This soup was and is traditional spring/summer soup in Lithuania. With this soup me and my mom always start summer. This time we did it little bit to early - we still don't have fresh potatoes (ok, we have "fresh ones" from Holland) and fresh beetroots, but it's OK sometimes to cheat a little. I was so happy to see fresh dills and cucumbers that I immediately wanted to do this soup. Too we had very fresh eggs. It was so delicious! If you eat Tzatziki - try this soup, even small amount. It's really refreshing during hot summer days. Use the best ingredients you have.
4 portions:
0.5 kg fresh potatoes
2 eggs
1 liter of kefir or plain natural yogurt
250 ml preserved chopped/grated beetroots or cooked beetroots (about 2 medium)
1 long cucumber
few stalks of spring onions
fresh dills

Wash your potatoes with brush (or peel them if they have thick skin). Cut them to 2-4 parts, then put in the pot and cover with water. Cook until tender (about 15-20 minutes).
Hard boil your eggs (about 10 minutes).
During this time in a bowl mix together kefir with preserved beetroots. If your beetroots are just cooked - grate them with coarse grater and then mix it with kefir. Add 2-3 spoons of water if it looks to thick.
Chop cucumber to small pieces and add to kefir-beetroot mix. Chop dills and spring onions and add them too.
Cool boiled eggs and peel then. Then chop them coarsely and add to kefir-beetroot mix.
Add pinch of salt.
Serve with hot boiled potatoes.

Enjoy :)

6 komentarai (-ų):

  1. This is so beautiful! Really love the light purple colour. I am very sure it's very tasty too.

    1. And healthy too - lots of fresh veggies :)

  2. Love the color of this! And the recipe sounds so nice -- definitely worth a try. Thanks so much!

    1. On a warm day it's worth too cook it ;)

  3. My mom used to make a soup like this. It's time for me to try it, especially since yours looks so good!
    :) ela@GrayApron

    1. Hello neighbor - I think people in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia have some similar dishes, so it's really possible you tried it :)


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