Muffins with spring onions and bacon

 I always wait for spring. It's so good to see days becoming longer, evenings lighter. And also the best things are from the garden - spring onions, rhubarbs, radishes and others. On the first days of spring I always start to grow some parsley, dill and basil. And of course I add onion head to the water so I can get my own green spring onions. Amazing time, isn't it?
These muffins are from the recipe book of my friend Renata. She's trying to show all Lithuanians that even in our 4 season climate zone it's possible to eat seasonally all year round. As you can see this recipe is dedicated to spring and it's amazing.
These muffins are so soft and fluffy. One piece wouldn't be enough - I promise. Also by changing cheese and herbs you can always get different taste. If you don't use meat - skip it and add some smoked red paprika powder - you'll love it.
12 muffins:
100 ml light olive or sunflower oil
100 ml 2,5% fat milk
3 medium eggs
100 g white flour (extra white - 405 German type)
100 g strong bread flour (812 German type)
pinch of salt
pinch of freshly round black peppers
pinch of marjoram
100 g yellow cheese (Russian, Gouda or Cheddar) (you can change it to hard cheese)
100 g spring onions
50 g smoked bacon

Heat oven to 190 C/374 F degree.
With a mixer mix together oil, milk and eggs.
Sieve in flours. Grate cheese. Add salt, peppers, marjoram and cheese. Mix until you don't see dry flour, but don't whisk.
Chop spring onions to small pieces. Chop bacon to cubes. Add them to dough and mix with spoon.
Line muffin tin with papers and divide batter to them.
Bake until top is golden, for about 20-25 minutes. Cool on the rack.
They are tasty warm and cold.


8 komentarai (-ų):

  1. What scrumptious looking savory muffins! I'm loving the longer days...but wish it would stop snowing!!!

  2. I love savoury muffins. These would make a wonderful lunch with a bowl of warm lentil soup.

  3. These muffins look perfect! I always look for savory muffin recipes since my family like them for breakfast :)

    1. These are really good. Just use baking paper instead of muffin forms - they are a bit sticky (I think due to milk) :)

  4. Oh these look fabulous! A few of my favorite things - bread, bacon and onions! YUM!

    1. These are amazing for breakfast ;) thanks for stopping by :)


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